Wacom Cintiq 13HD Pen Display

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Today I want to talk about my WACOM Cintiq 13HD Pen Display. I am not a Tech-Freak. So i only can talk about this thing as a professional user. And I can talk about using it in comparison to my old Intuos 3 A5 Wide.

There are many unboxing Videos of this thing and people using it. But there are no real informations about this thing in a real life workflow for example.

I am honest to you and i wasn´t that hardcore user of my old Intuos, but i thought If i had this thing all would be different. But…as always, you stick to your old patterns.

The biggest Problem is: I have now 3 Monitors (including the Cintiq). If you want to make a Quick Layout and Check eMails and then go to Photoshop and then Illustrator, like the workflow for a regular designer in a multi monitor system is. I can tell you, that you probably won´t use the Cintiq as a mouse. You use your mouse. And then the Cintiq becomes a really expensive 13″ HD Display. Of course you can change from Pen Display use to a Mouse like Tablet with one click. But it is still very inconvenient.

So you can stick to your old habits or change the way you work. In my case I changed (just a little bit). I put Photoshop on my Cintiq and used my mouse for the Layouts und Photoshop with my Cintiq. The big advantage i have is that i am a lefty. And I am a very unusual one. I only write with my left hand. I use my mouse with my right and have the Pen in my left. So i had the chance to speed up my workflow. I draw a quick sketch, make illustrations or just edit Photos with the Pen Display. A big positive effect on me was that i started doodling again. For my layout work i think i won´t change my workflow.

So what is my conclusion? I think If you can draw and love to do it also in the Digital World this thing is a very nice tool. For all other things or for Beginners the Wacom family has much cheaper tablets. My advice: Test it yourself.

Typetalks I liked

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The last month I watched a lot of the typotalks. Some of them i want to share here. The first one is from Jon Burgerman (http://jonburgerman.com). A really funny and creative mind. In his words “he is a doodler”. Maybe like I am. But at the moment I have just lost my doodling. He really inspired me to get my pen and start again. The second talk that really inspired me was from Aaron James Draplin (http://draplin.com). He talks about how he works. But the essence in that is mainly that he has really fun doing it. His work reflects that and i think he is the opposite of the stereotype designer. He is like a big bear you want to hug. And the third and last for now comes from a german designer and design office owner Andreas Uebele (http://www.uebele.com/). His talks really reflects the way the design world sometimes works. Sometimes there are no really big concepts behind the design. Sometimes it just has to look good. And sometimes our work is done in minutes, but after months of failure.